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RoboForm Enterprise FAQ

General Questions

  • How to incorporate RoboForm with fingerprint readers?
    Please note RoboForm can only work along with UPEK-based fingerprint scanners and some other devices via Windows Biometric Framework (not all devices can work with RoboForm even if they are declared to support WinBIO API, please note it does not depend on RoboForm).
    • To use UPEK-based devices with RoboForm, please install native drivers and corresponding front-end application.
    • To use non-UPEK devices with RoboForm, please enable WBF in your system, install WBF drives for your device and corresponding front-end application. If both drivers and front-end application are installed properly and thus device can be recognized by RoboForm, corresponding option(s) will be enabled at RoboForm > Options > Fingerprint.

  • Does RoboForm work with smart cards?
    Yes, it does. RoboForm works with all PIV cards.

RoboForm Errors

  • RoboForm unable to attach to password protected Adobe Reader files.
    Please follow these steps to allow RoboForm to save Adobe Reader credentials:
    1. Open Adobe Reader and navigate to Edit -> Preferences
    2. Select General category and deselect "Enable Protected Mode at startup" option.